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News 2 helps Winston-Salem woman after an issue with a home warranty company

Vanessa Westberry had a home warranty for situations just like this - the convenience of calling a technician to fix a refrigerator or stove when it breaks.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Vanessa Westberry doesn’t like to brag, but she knows her way around a kitchen. Baked, broiled, or fried, she can cook it almost any way you want it.

“We have kids and they need to eat,” Westberry said.

When you like to cook, the last thing you want to break is the stove. So, when Westberry went to turn the stove on, and it didn’t start, that was bad news.

“I don’t like using microwaves,” Westberry said.

A day later, Westberry called her home warranty company, and a technician was sent out. A week later, another technician was sent out by the same company. The only problem is, one thought the issue was the stove - the other thought it was the wiring in the house.

“When he (second technician) came out, he didn’t think it was the stove, but the electrical,” Westberry said.

The claim was submitted to the home warranty company as an electrical fix, which is not covered under her policy. The cost to repair the wiring was around $800.

“I told them it was not an electrical issue,” Westberry said.

Unable to get the home warranty company to cover the cost of the repairs, Westberry reached out to us. By now, she had gone more than a month without a working stove.

“I was not happy. They were giving me the run-a-round,” Westberry said.

We contacted the service company and the warranty company. The warranty company agreed to send someone else out to diagnose the issue.

“He said the wiring was not corroded and not messed up,” Westberry said.

The technician simply fixed the electrical socket and then replaced the main board on the stove. The repairs were covered under Westberry’s policy.

“Once he got the socket fixed, and they plugged it in, it worked,” Westberry said. “Reaching (News 2) worked out good."

Westberry has not had a problem with the stove since it was fixed. More importantly, her family gets to enjoy her wonderful cooking.