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Report Robocalls: Your information can help stop them

The NC Attorney General's Office has a hotline and a page dedicated to getting information about Robocalls.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We want the Robocalls to stop. Part of making that happen is telling someone about it-- that can do something about it.

This week, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein’s office put together a Robocall tracking website and hotline. It asks you questions about the call so they can better track it.

Robocall Hotline: (844)-8-NO-ROBO 

There's even a place where you can send them a copy of the recording. The more information, the better to track these callers down.

Credit: NC AG

The AG's website says once they get the numbers and the specifics they can:

  1. Share these bad numbers with our federal law enforcement partners so they can spot national trends and scams;
  2. Conduct our own investigations when we see a pattern in the complaints; and
  3. Share these numbers with the telecom industry so they, too, can investigate the calls that are impacting their customers and assist law enforcement in locating the bad actors.