Unfortunately, online trolls are nothing new but now some entrepreneurs have come up with a frightening new idea internet trolls for hire. Let's connect the dots.

If your not familiar an online troll is someone who posts messages designed to offend and provoke a knee jerk reaction. You probably think it some sad person sitting in their basement hiding behind a keyboard. But a new report from the Washington Post reveals some are actually hired guns.

It all started in the Philippines troll farms are hired by politicians companies and celebrities to boost their profiles and attack anyone they don't like. The farms create hundreds of fake profiles and in between the normal-looking posts about lunch and a hot new track the fake profile will unleash an attack on the target of your choice. The practice is showing signs of going global. Experts say they expect troll farms to play a role in the 2020 election.

Another sign if we really needed one that you probably shouldn't believe everything you see online.