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Honoring the American flag on Patriot Day

On Patriot Day, the United States pays tribute to the heroes and victims who lost their lives on September 11.

Patriot Day is officially known as the National Day of Service and Remembrance. It is observed every Sept. 11 in honor of the innocent lives lost following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Many people will fly American flags to remember those brave souls and their families left behind. The Guilford County Register of Deeds shares best practices for flag display:

  • Flags up at night should be well-lit

  • Don’t let the flag touch the ground if possible

  • Don’t fly flag backward or upside down (Union top left) 

  • Make sure outdoor flags are ‘all-weather’ 

  • Flags on cars should be clamped down and secured

  • Flag pins should be on the left side near your hearts

  • Fly flags in good condition 

The Guilford County Register of Deeds also provides several other resources such as real estate records, marriage licenses, and birth/death certificates. Several of these requests can be processed online. The office can also be reached by phone.

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