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How To Spot Signs Of Cancer In Your Pet

Your pets can't tell you what's going on with them. These signs might show you.

They're more than pets. They're members of the family. 

Sometimes, we like them more than our family! Our pets don't nag us or tell us we're doing something wrong. They also can't tell us if something is wrong.

That's a problem because the numbers of dogs and cats with cancer are on the rise.  

Dr. Nick Szigetvari says as a vet, his hospital is seeing more and more cases of cancer in pets. 

Here's what cat owners need to know. Cats tend to hide their symptoms. So you need to be aware of a combination of things.

So look for weight loss, poor appetite, and cats that just aren't grooming. Those are all signs of a larger problem. 

1 in 3 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer. So look for limping, that can be a sign of pain due to a mass somewhere. Look for lumps and swelling on your dog. Look for wounds that won't heal and again weight loss, a lack of appetite and a tired dog. 

If your dog is over the age of 7 or your cat over 10, vets recommend check-ups twice a year.

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