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Phase 1 to Phase 3: When will we be 'normal?'

If all goes perfectly, it probably won't be until mid-July. Really. Here's a look at the timeline.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When you hear North Carolina is in phase 1 of reopening if your mind goes to people mobbing the streets and stores. Well, then let me remind you that getting to phase 3 and a more “normal” life is a marathon and not a sprint.

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If everything goes as planned, you're looking at being "normal" around July 10.
Really? Yes. Look at the timeline:

Phase 1 is expected to last two to three weeks, and that's if all four of the state's metrics for health are met.

Then, phase 2 starts, which includes lifting the stay-at-home order, opening bars and restaurants, and having worship services at a limited capacity.
We're expected to be in phase 2 for four to six weeks, and if all the metrics are met again.

Then, we will move into phase 3, which allows a more normal-looking life. So, to get to this part of the race we need to focus on the finish line. If all goes perfectly, at best, you're looking at sometime around July 10. 

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Phase 1 is the first part. Here are the highlights:

The stay-at-home order is still in effect, but you can leave home to shop at more businesses, not just the essentials.

Go to worship services but not to sit in the pews, only if it's outside services and again you need to adhere to social distancing.

State parks and trails are reopened.

Face coverings are not mandated, but recommended.

Bars and restaurants are still only takeout and delivery.

Barbershops and salons are still closed.

Playgrounds, theaters, gyms are still closed.

Gatherings can happen at home or anywhere, but there is still at a 10-person limit and it's encouraged they're outside with social distancing.  

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