A large, unbreachable border wall has been a goal for President Trump and the target of criticism since he started campaigning.

But a viral picture claims Trump's idea isn't new. It shows a massive wall claiming it was built on the Mexico-Guatemala Border by Mexico.

There are two other pictures, claiming they’re border walls. One has a quote: "Funny how it is okay for Mexico but racist for Trump to build a wall."

These are fake.

Here's how we know: using reverse image searches, this picture can actually be traced to a wall on the Israeli West Bank.

Another picture is also in Israel.

Ironically, the third photo is a picture of the US-Mexico border in Arizona. Then there's satellite images of the border. Rivers, forest and small fencing but no massive wall.

So, we can Verify these images are False.

They've been shared since 2013, nearly 150,000 times on Facebook just this month.