BALTIMORE, MD- A United States Army veteran was in the right place at the right time, when he walked into a post office with a smile on his face and a money order in his hand.

He had received a phone call saying he was the lucky recipient of a millions of dollars.

"That was a big mistake, if it wasn't for the post office I would have been out of a lot of money" -says the Veteran who served in Vietnam.

The mysterious phone call informed the Veteran that the only thing he needed to do to claim his millions of dollars and his brand new car was to mail in a money order to cover the taxes.

US Postal worker Erica Lomax immediately noticed something was not right.

"I asked him did he know who he was sending the blank money order to and he responded 'no' it was for a Sweepstakes they told him to just send it blank. I told him it wasn't a good idea to send a blank money order to someone that he didn't know."

The Post office was able to refund the money order and the postal workers that helped warn the Veteran received a certificate of appreciation as well as a lifetime of gratitude from the man.