Greensboro, N.C. -- A 2 Wants To Know viewer sent an email about unlimited data plans.

It read "Cell phone providers advertise unlimited streaming, but after 10GB, they restrict internet speed. I was not told this and I believe there are more people in the same boat. If I pay for unlimited data you should not be limited on internet speed."

2 Wants To know did some digging and found it is in the fine print. Just how slow are we talking?

Depending on the your plan it can slow down to 3G or 2G once you use up the 10GB each month. For AT&T customers slower speeds and an extra $5 a month affects you if you were grandfathered into an unlimited data plan with AT&T. There's one way you get get out of paying the extra money.

AT&T says if you sign up for AT&T UVerse TV or DirecTV you don't have to pay the $5.