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What Makes A Food "Processed?"

You may be surprised what foods are considered processed and why?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You try to work out a couple of times a week and that’s a good thing. But that work is totally undone if you’re eating a lot of processed foods.

So what makes something processed? Consumer Reports has some answers.

Take a look at chicken. Usually, it’s what you see, is what you get. But some brands will add a little broth, salt, or even flavors to the meat. Chicken sausage is one of the biggest processed foods. It usually has nitrites or nitrates added into it, to stop bacterial growth but it can lead to high sodium levels. Chicken nuggets are also usually processed.

Peanuts in a shell, are usually ok. But peanut butter is a different story, most of the brands in stores have hydrogenated oils to keep the peanut butter from separating. They could even have added sugars.

Even tomatoes, oats and wheat can call be processed. Consumer Reports has an in-depth look at every food here.

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