GREENSBORO, N.C. – Unfortunately, we report shootings often. From mass shootings to smaller-scale shootings in the Triad.

Greensboro police told 2 Wants to Know, guns were used in 187 aggravated assaults this year. 33 of the 35 murders in 2017 involved guns.

2 Wants to know looked at the best way to apply a tourniquet to stop bleeding. Massachusetts General Hospital says to apply the tourniquet 1 to 3 inches above the wound, either under or over clothing.

It needs to be tight enough you can't fit a finger under it. That should ensure it is tight enough to stop the bleeding. You should no longer feel a pulse near the wound.

If the wound is still bleeding, add another tourniquet above the wound.

Most people won’t be carrying around a tourniquet, but Men's Health says to use a belt or a t-shirt. If you use a t-shirt, fold it - then apply it around the wound - do not roll it.