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Protect yourself now | Everything you want to know about insurance

Christopher Cook with Alliance Insurance answers the tough questions about insurance needs

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Christopher Cook from Alliance Insurance Services joined 2WTK to answer your questions.

 What kind of car insurance does North Carolina require drivers to have? 

North Carolina law requires drivers to have liability insurance. Liability coverage will pay damages and injuries to another driver if you hit them. 

Collision coverage is options and pays for damages to the policyholder's car. 

Comprehensive insurance covers non-accident related damage, such as hitting a deer or a fallen tree. Policyholders are not required by state law to carry comprehensive coverage.

What about my homeowner's policy? What coverages should I have? 

Homeowners policies cover things like damage to a home if a tree falls. What a homeowners policy does not cover is the tree removal clean up. 

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Homeowners should also be aware that flood insurance is separate from homeowner's policies. Homeowners should do a home inventory to keep up with valuables like electronics, art, furniture and appliances. The inventory should have model numbers included. 

Homeowners insurance has what is known as standard payouts. These are basic coverages included in a policy already, such as $1,500 for jewelry, $10,000 for firearms, and $200 in cash. Anyone with items higher than these baseline values should increase their coverage.

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