GREENSBORO, N.C. — WHOA! The Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol surprised a Lexington woman this morning. Balloons, flowers, champagne and that big check for $10,000! It's the fairy tale come true for her.

But. And there's always a but, don't let this fool you.

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You see, Publisher's Clearing House is getting ready to do their big giveaway and that means people posing as the real thing are getting ready to do their big thing—take your money.

So how do you know if it's the real thing?

PCH says it'll never call you ahead of time. It's truly a surprise. If you win a smaller prize, let's say under $10,000, the company mails you the money.

PCH confirms they will NEVER ask for any sort of payment. That's key.
You never have to pay to receive your prize. If you have to pay a fee, taxes or anything up front - it's always a scam.

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