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Read This If You're Driving Anywhere For Thanksgiving

Traffic can be a headache, especially during the holidays. Use this information to make your life easier.

If you're navigating around the business 40 closure, the state DOT recommends using the Waze app. But if you're hitting the road for Thanksgiving, you may want to consider Google Maps. Google analyzed all the data it received from Google maps over the years and launched a website with their findings.

They found Black Friday traffic isn't the nightmare it used to be.

In most cities, it's about as bad as a typical Friday morning commute.

The worse day for traffic is the day before Thanksgiving.

They also found the best and worst times to hit the road.

The best time to leave before Thanksgiving? Early in the morning, maybe even 4 am depending on how far you're traveling. The worst time to travel was about 4 pm.