GREENSBORO , NC -- If you think the percentage of your budget going to health care is big now, check out how much of your budget will be dedicated to health care in the next 10 years or 20 years. The 2015 Fidelity chart shows it can go from 8% to 19%.

Certified financial planner Matt Logan says health care is the reason a lot of folks can't retire early. "The costs jumped in a big way. You can see that the average estimated healthcare expenses through retirement peaked in 2010 before dropping off in 2013 and 2014. The costs have jumped again. The jump is mostly attributed to people living longer and the higher costs on medication."

A lot of people complain now about their share of health care with their employer, but once you don' t have the employer paying some of the cost, the premiums are shocking.

"I pulled a premium quote to show you what a healthy couple, 60 years old would be paying. In looking at a middle of the road plan through the exchange for a couple who are both aged 60 and non smokers, you could be looking at monthly premiums of $856 and that includes a tax credit of over $1000 a month. Your annual premiums would be $10274. For many people, that would have a devastating effect on their retirement nest egg and deplete their retirement resources very quickly."

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