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Scam Alert: What scams are making the rounds and how you can protect yourself | 2 Wants to Know

Lechelle Yates from the Better Business Bureau shared scams she's noticing and how you can avoid falling victim.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Better Business Bureau said scams tend to pick up during summer. In 2021, 30% of job-related scams happened between May-July.

2 Wants to Know wants to make sure you're prepared and know the warning signs. Lechelle Yates from the BBB shared scams she's seeing and how to protect yourself.

Yates said there are two job-related scams going around right now. A potential "employer" will ask you to deposit a check to pay for job equipment or training. It looks like it clears, but it ends up getting returned as a fake. You're left to pay the balance.

The other job scam functions in a similar way. The company will give you money to deposit. It will ask you to buy something, but again the funds aren't real, so you're stuck paying the bank.

Yates said you should be wary of on-the-spot job offers and do your research on the company before doing anything.

There's another job-related scam going around. Yates said this one targets employers. A hiring manager will go through the process with a candidate virtually. Then after they're hired, that person looks a little different or sounds "off." Yates encouraged businesses to take their time hiring, and verify who they bring on.

Yates said she's also noticing a new twist to a common law enforcement scam. Someone posing as an officer or law enforcement agent reaches out to you on social media. They will say they have a package of yours, and they need your ID and some cash to resolve the issue.

The updated version of the scam includes the person offering to send a doctored credential, so you're more likely to believe it's real. Yates said if this happens to you, call your local law enforcement agency to verify it's a scam.

As we move into summer, Yates said she's noticing two scams. The first: Someone gets you to book a VRBO or AirBnB room that doesn't exist. You'll be tempted because it likely has great amenities and costs very little. 

Yates suggested you avoid booking solely by email, and never rush to get something booked.

The other vacation scam offers a free trip, usually a cruise. It gets you to pay for a bunch of add-ons, and you're left without money.

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