Usually, when scammers reach out to you, they have to fish for information. But a group of scammers called one North Carolina woman and knew all kinds of things about her. They called saying they were from Publishers Clearing House and that Angie Mahaffey had won millions of dollars.

Luckily, she never fell for the scam. But she was alarmed by their behavior. They knew she'd be alone, where she recently ordered things from online, and called her relentlessly.

So how did they get that information? Well, The USPS offers something called "Informed Delivery." It gives you an email with scanned pictures of all of your mail for that day.

The service is convenient but you want to sign up for it because scammers are using the service to rip people off.

They're signing up for people's informed delivery, getting their mail, and opening fraudulent credit cards in their names.

You can sign up for the service by clicking this link.