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Scammers Posing as Power Companies to Rip You Off

The Scammers use an app to call from a fake number and claim you have unpaid bills

This new scam is pretty believable. 

Scammers are calling you, pretending to be your power company, all to make a quick buck off of you. 

They're using apps that disguise their real numbers and make it look like the power companies actual number is giving you a call. They threaten to shut off your power if you don't pay an overdue bill. 

Power companies and the Better Business Bureau are aware of the scams but the problem is that they can't stop them. Most scammers are overseas, making it difficult for police and law enforcement to find the fake callers. 

The best way to avoid becoming another victim of the scam is to stop and think about the call. If you do owe a power company money, most companies will give you several warnings before they shut off the power on you. Your power will never get turned off out of nowhere. 

If you do come across these scams you can report is to the North Carolina better business bureau right here.

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