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Just because HTTPS is supposed to be secure, doesn't mean you can trust it

HTTPS generally means that a website is secure and you trust it, but scammers say otherwirse

It used to be if you saw an "s" at the end of an HTTP site it meant it was secure. Now scammers have found a way to get an "s" at the end of their fake HTTP-sites.

So now, it's more important than ever to make certain the site you're on, is legitimate.

Experts say the best way to stay safe online is to just shop on sites from trustworthy retailers. That includes companies like Walmart, Kohls, and Amazon.

If the site looks sketchy, has spelling errors or the deal looks too good, trust your gut and avoid it at all costs. It's always a better idea to be safe than sorry.

And you've heard us say this before, but only use your credit card to online shop! If a criminal does get your card information and you must cancel the card, at least when you dispute the charges, your money will still be in the bank account.