GREENSBORO, N.C. — A new survey by the Association of American Universities found what it called "significant levels of sexual misconduct” on college campuses nationwide.

The survey says non-consensual sexual contact increased 3 percent for undergraduate women and 1.5 percent for men since the last survey four years ago. That means 13 percent of all students now report this violation happening to them.

Of those victims, the report says most don't report the incident to law enforcement or even campus programs that could help with the aftermath. At some schools surveyed as low as 17 percent of victims came forward.

UNC Chapel Hill was one of the schools included in the survey. The university's Chancellor released a statement saying "sexual assault and sexual harassment are serious problems that deeply affect our community."

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The chancellor added that within the next month, the school is going to launch "a coalition of students, faculty and staff to develop a comprehensive strategy for prevention and awareness."

Our local universities also have prevention programs. For example, Wake Forest, HPU and UNCG all have several awareness and prevention programs. They also have help for students who have been assaulted.