CLEVELAND -- Flowers: We've been getting them for centuries. They symbolize love, romance, or comfort in a time of need. But, they can also run up the bill, especially on Valentine's Day. So, we wanted to find out if love could still bloom on a tighter budget.

We compared three rose bouquets from different sources: A local florist, an online order, and the grocery store. Then, we took our stems to upscale florist, Brandon Sitler, of Urban Orchid in Ohio City. He broke down the quality of each one and helped us decide if people should save or splurge on flowers.

"I think you should go to your local florist for your Valentine's Day flowers for your Valentine's Day flowers for the fact that your florist is going to know what the freshest flower is that day. Then, we create something that's custom for your loved one," Sitler said.

But how would Sitler's expert eye rank our three arrangements? Here's what he said about each, without knowing which one was which.


"I mean, the roses are very beautiful. I'm not too fond of the shape and style they went with, but overall, if I were to get this bouquet, I wouldn't be entirely disappointed."

Price: $50

Rank between 1-10: 7


"This one is sad. If I received this I'd be very disappointed. All of the roses are dead, they're small. It's very sad looking. I wouldn't think this means love, I would think this was a breakup arrangement."

Price: $60

Rank between 1-10: 1


"Now, this flower arrangement I think is one of the better looking ones of the three. The roses are healthy, and they look very beautiful, and fresh. I still think the design is very traditional and not appealing." 

Price: $19

Rank: 7

Don't forget most florists, including Urban Orchid, will work around your budget, so set your price point, then pick the florist that works best for your wallet and loved one on Valentine's Day.