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NC Treasurer Dale Folwell discusses state's pension plan

State employees rely on the pension plan when they retire

Here in North Carolina, state employees rely on our government's pension plan to help save for retirement.

There are over 27,000 active duty law enforcement officers are in the pension plan, and that doesn't include the number of retired officers who are still on the plan.

The valuation for the state plan is at the highest in its history, at $105 billion. 

For people in the system, that means they can rely on the benefit being available when they retire because of the good stewardship of the plan. 

Here in North Carolina our state pension system is one of the best in the country according to Moody’s

Recent stress test by Pew says we are well-positioned to survive any downturn in the economy without having to resort to increased taxes.

For those not in the system, it means that that they will not be asked to pay additional taxes.