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Stimulus Payment: How the IRS will get your payment to you

2WTK called the hotline and actually talked to a human. Really.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — No one is more surprised than me, but I talked to a human on the IRS stimulus hotline. I know! I almost don't believe I'm saying those words. 

I asked the hotline worker the following question from a WFMY News 2 viewer.

“My son looked at the IRS website and it said his stimulus payment was sent out May 1, however, he still hasn't gotten it, but he got a letter last week saying they sent it to his address?”

The IRS worker on the phone told me they only answer common questions but could transfer me to someone who could help with a missing payment.

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I tell you all that, so you'll know the two main takeaways from my call. The IRS stimulus hotline number is 1-800-919-9835. Remember, it is automated, but it appears you can get a human on the phone. Although it could take a while to find someone who can answer your specific question.

How did the viewer’s son see he was getting his payment? 

Using the IRS Get My Payment tool. You will put in your information including your social security number. If the IRS has all of the information from you it needs, you will see the date, and form of payment (direct deposit, check or debit card) and where the payment was sent to (bank account number or mailing address).

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