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Stimulus: Where is my payment & what about a second round of checks

These are the two most common questions. The answers can be complicated....
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GREENSBORO, N.C. — They are the top two questions about the stimulus:

Where is my payment?

What about a second round of checks?

When it comes to where your payment is, let’s look at some numbers. The IRS released a list of how many payments have been made in each state and the total of payments. In NC, there have been 4.8 million stimulus payments made to the tune of $8.2 billion.

IRS State By State Listing of Stimulus Payments

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If you haven't received your stimulus payment by direct deposit yet, you won't. Instead, the IRS has now switched to everything by mail. You will either get a debit card or a paper check.

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What about the second round of checks?

 Well, the short answer is, don’t hold your breath. It's not going to happen this weekend or next week. The Senate won't even look at proposed measures until after the weeklong Memorial Day recess.

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