GREENSBORO, N.C. — A big brawl Wednesday at High Point's Andrews High School ending up with one staff member having minor injuries. This fight has 2 Wants To Know looking into how often this happens. We did some digging and found state records showing a student assaulted school staff 83 times in Guilford County last year. And 69 times in Winston-Salem Forsyth County.

Those statistics are compiled by the Department of Public Instruction, state law requires school districts to send them in each year. And here's exactly what they consider assault on school personnel: It's "intentional offer or attempt by force or violence to do injury to a school official, employee, or volunteer."

So it can be an attempt too, it doesn't necessarily result in the school worker getting hurt. We also want to point out that this isn't just happening in North Carolina. It's a nationwide problem.

According to Ed Week, more than 200,000 teachers were assaulted by a student in one year.

2 Wants To Know plans to keep investigating into this issue and looking for solutions. We'll bring you much more soon.