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Study: Speeding is More Dangerous Than You Think

A new study shows speeding is just as dangerous as drunk driving and distracted driving.

In October, surveillance video caught a car speeding down a Milwaukee street before the driver lost control and crashed.

Six people were in side. Eighteen-year-old Zion Lewis died.

"They need to slow down, they've taken my niece's life away, I don't know what else it's going to take," said Latrina Cooper, Lewis’ aunt.

A new report from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association showed nearly 10,000 people died in speed-related crashes in 2017. That’s similar to drunk driving deaths and much higher than the number of people killed in distracted driving accidents, but advocates say speeding isn’t taken as seriously.

“We all speed, we're guilty of it, we're in a rush to get where we're going, we talk about drunk driving, we talk about distracted driving, but we don't talk about speed in that same context when we really need to,” said Jonathan Adkins, GHSA’s Executive Director.

Adkins said part of the problem is nearly every state has raised speed limits over the past two decades.

"What we're seeing really is a double whammy effect,” said Adkins. “Speed limits are going up but the public thinks they can go 5, 10, 15 miles an hour above that posted speed limit."

The study suggests expanding the use of automated speed cameras which have been effective at getting drivers to slow down.

"Enforcement is a big key to this,” added Adkins. “If people feel like they are going to get a ticket, behavior changes."

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