MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Get the party plans finalized sooner than later. 5 days from now, one team will be crowned champion of Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis.

It's a major match up for the teams and their fans, but it's also a huge boom for the city's economy.

A study ahead of the big game estimates the net economic boost for Minnesota at $338,000,000. That dollar amount is partly based off an estimated 125,400 visitors that will pour in during the Super Bowl.

Many of those visitors will come into Minnesota on the 1,100 to 1,600 extra airplanes -- all extra flights because of the Super Bowl. The FAA is using a reservation system to ensure plans can land and take off in an orderly fashion at airports throughout the state. It's like a restaurant reservation where arrival and take-off times are slated in reserved time slots. With so much air traffic, the Minneapolis air traffic control tower will bring in 7 to 12 extra controllers for every shift.

Once that surge of fans arrives, they'll need to be ready to spend some cash. The average hotel stay is expected to be 4 days. Each day, visitors will spend $620 dollars per day, on average.