There's an emerging business in world of travel that sends paying customers on surprise vacations.

Amanda Rosen was searching for a getaway with a college friend, when she stumbled upon a vacation option she didn’t have to plan at all.

"We didn't have to go and search through the best hotels, search for the best airfare and all of that." Rosen said.

The weekend trip was also a surprise. It was planned by a service called ‘Pack Up and Go’.

Rosen filled out a short survey, picked the price point and the company did the rest.

A few days before her trip, Rosen was told what to pack and the airport she needed to go to.
Before boarding, the two opened a packet, which unlocked their mystery trip. They were going to the Windy City.

Pack Up and Go is just one of many companies jumping in on the business of surprise vacations.

Brown + Hudson, Magical Mystery Tours and Lufthansa Surprise are a few others.

Brian Kelly is the founder of the Travel website He told CBS News he sees this new option taking off.

"Surprise travel can take out the crippling aspect of booking travel and let's get to the basics and actually traveling." Kelly said.

Rosen and her friend each paid $750 for their weekend away, which included airfare and the hotel.

"We were just amazed at what we got for our money. and, we were really impressed with the hotel." Rosen said.
Rosen said flying by the seat of her pants paid off.