GREENSBORO, N.C. — You've always got to be aware of what a gas station is charging you to fill up.

Just today, 2 people alerted us to issues with pumps overcharging in Greensboro. One viewer said he tried to buy gas and his card was declined twice. Then his account notified him of a $73 withdrawal, followed by another one for $50. Another person told us she was charged about $15 at the pump even though gasoline never came out. She then checked her account and found a $125 charge. 

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It's important to note: we don't know if these instances are the work of skimmers. But we're always hearing about the devices showing up on gas pump card readers and ATMs.

Before you put your card in, wiggle the card reader. If it moves, it might've been tampered with. Also, consider paying inside rather than at the pump.

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Or use digital wallet apps like Apple, Samsung, or Google pay. They don't share your card information.

Finally, tech experts recommend getting a credit card that's solely used for gas purchases. This way, if it's compromised, you won't be impacting an account you use for groceries, rent or other important purchases.

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