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Tariffs Could Make Your Favorite Local Craft Beer More Expensive

Tariffs can feel like such a huge concept. But they can affect simple things like your favorite beer.

When you hear words like "tariff' or terms like "trade war" they can feel huge. It can be hard to understand how they can affect you. But those tariffs could affect your favorite craft beer.

The North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild released a statement on the tariffs. They boast more than 260 breweries and brewpubs. They also boast more than a billion dollars in economic impact.

In the statement, they say that aluminum and steel tariffs could harm them in two different ways. The breweries that can their beer use aluminum to do so. And most of them use machinery made out of steel.

In fact, Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company in Greensboro was included in the statement. Their owner mentioned that 60% of their beer is packaged and most of that is packaged in aluminum cans.