CRITICAL ALERT is not what you want to see when you log onto your computer.

Tech experts say there's a new twist on the tech support scam, also known as the Microsoft scam.

The original scam starts with a pop up claiming there's a virus on your computer. It states you need to give the 'scammers' access to your computer so they can fix it. If you give them access to your computer, you're giving them access to all of your personal information.

The twist: the pop up talks to you. reported the voice sounds like a robot and says, "your computer has alerted us it is infected with a virus and spyware."

Whatever you do, do not call the phone number or go to the website on the pop up. Instead, try to X out of the box.

If that doesn't work, hit control, alt, delete, go to your task manager and close out of all running programs.

If neither of those work just hit the power button to hard crash your computer.