GREENSBORO, NC -- Follow me on this. You buy a new car and it has a 100,000 mile warranty. A year later, you sell your car. It's now a used car and the warranty is just 60,000 miles. What gives? I mean, isnt the warranty attached to the car? Nope.

The experts at explain, "The reality is the used car market is different than the new car market and because of that we have a different set of rules that shoppers need to keep in mind."

Used car shoppers may not know about this different set of rules, but we found it in a car manual.
Check this out, this is in the warranty coverage section. Right at the bottom, it spells out: original owner 100,000 miles and second and subsequent owners 60,000 miles.

Now, you're not going to see the manual before you buy a car. But you will see the warranty spelled out on the paperwork. Don't take a salesperson's word on it. Know the new mileage warranty restrictions and the number of miles on the car.