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'There's no paint?': Remodeling projects are being delayed, how to keep yours on track.

All kinds of items are out of stock or having to be ordered. Interior Designer Laura Redd warns folks not to start a project until they have all their orders in.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Check out this back patio remodel, there’s an outside fireplace, the TV goes over it. It's going to be beautiful, at some point. Whenever the stain for the ceiling, the posts, and all the other wood finally comes in.

“We go to get the stain, there is none. Think about that. There is none in the entire state of North Carolina. We had to order it. It's a 7 to 10-day delay,” said Interior designer Laura Redd.

Redd just wrote an article about remodeling delays and how to keep the project on track. She says delays are widespread in our area, the state, and really, nationwide.

“There’s not paint at paint stores, there's not stone readily sitting there, just because you're seeing it on display doesn't mean it's in the warehouse anymore,” said Laura.

What is going on? It's a mix of things.

During the pandemic, building and remodeling didn't slow. It increased. Folks were staying at home and needed bigger or better spaces. Some facilities had to shut down, shorten work hours, and deal with COVID. And then there are all the container ships stuck waiting to port.

“It is across the board and to make your project successful, you need to make sure you have your items ordered and ready to go before you even begin your project. That wasn't true in the past, if you didn't have a few things, no problem but it's not that way anymore,” said Redd.

Laura says if a contractor says they can start your project tomorrow-- that's a red flag. The good ones are too busy to pick up a project right away. Also, if you haven't thought of a designer to handle all the details, that may help your stress level.


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