GREENSBORO, N.C. – You might think you can't escape Pokémon GO. Wrong. Pokémon No! is a plug-in for Chrome that makes any reference to the game disappear from your view! In the creator's demonstration, when when you try to search for Pokémon, it doesn't show up. And that can keep you from getting caught up in the craze.

If you enjoy the game, you might think it’s weird how these creatures keep popping up in front of restaurants, on store shelves, right by a newspaper stand? Makes you wonder if the whole Pokémon Go is some big ad designed to lure us into spending money. Nope. Not yet at least, according to Truth in Advertising. They called and checked with a bunch of companies where Pokémon are. None of the stores bought ads.

"Right now the way they seem to be monetizing this game is in two ways. First they are collecting a lot of data on the 20 million plus users playing in the United States each day. And second they have in app purchases people can make ranging from one dollar to 100 dollars," Executive Director Bonnie Patten said.

Tons of people online seem to think this app is a good workout chasing Pokémon from one place to another. But check it out. The most physically active part of the game is when you run to hatch eggs. Crunch the numbers and you'll have to hatch about 30 2 kilometer eggs to equal one pound of weight loss. And the guys over at the Picture Fit YouTube Channel also point out:

"Don't forget that all those Pokestops or Pokémon catches are going to slow you down. A regular phone free walk around the neighborhood or park would be better options. But hey, you probably wouldn't even think of taking a walk if it wasn't for catching some snazzy magiccarps in the first place," their YouTube video says.

Plus Pokémon Go doesn't have to be for self-obsessed people who can't put down their phones. Download the free Walk for a Dog app – and you can hunt for a good cause. Run it at the same time as Pokémon hunting, and all the moving around – counts as a walk raising money for shelter animals.

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