Cash, credit cards, and coins, these are some of the things that thieves made off within an Arizona neighborhood. They didn't use any special gear, they didn't pick any locks, they didn't even use a crowbar. All they needed to do was pull on some car doors.

Doug Matteson knew something was wrong when he pulled into his neighborhood and noticed car doors and even a few trunks open. And even though his car was locked, the scene affected him. "I was upset, like anybody else you feel like a victim."

People across the nation are forgetting to lock their doors and becoming victims. It's so prominent that police departments have adopted a new hashtag. It's called #9pmroutine. And it encourages people to make sure their cars and doors are all locked for the night by 9 p.m. Departments, including Winston Salem's, flood social media with the hashtag and users also chime in. It's a simple step that can save you some heartache.