See this? All those scratches mean it's time for this pan to go.If you use metal utensils on traditional non-stick pans, this is going to continue to happen.And that means the non-stick stuff is coming off in your food.

Food and Wine says buy cheap pans and toss them out every 6-months or so. 

And the one thing that really has to go in your kitchen..that sponge! As soon as your sponge stinks you should throw it out. And really, at the beginning of every month-- you should have a new sponge. 

You need to clean your sponge (some say daily, but at least once a week). Researchers at the USDA found that over 99% of bacteria, yeasts and molds were killed when microwaved. Make sure you  dampen your sponge and microwave it for one minute.  Careful, when it's done, it's hot.