You've heard this question: what came first-- the chicken or the egg. But what about this question: how do you build credit if you need credit experience to build it? It can be a crazy cycle, but our friends at Nerd Wallet found there a few things you can do to build your credit!

First, try a secured credit card. You'd make a cash deposit first, then use the card like any other credit card. It's not meant to be used forever, but long enough to build credit and qualify for an unsecured card. When you close the secured account, you get your deposit back!

Or you may be able to get credit for paying your bills! Rent-reporting services can put bills you're already paying on your credit report to help you build a positive history of on-time payments. 

And of course, you need to practice good credit habits: 

-Make all your payments on time. 

-Use credit cards sparingly.      

-Avoid applying for multiple credit accounts close together. 

-And keep accounts open if you can -- closing them can hurt your credit utilization. 

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