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Fast Facts: Three frequently asked voting & election questions

Mail-in versus absentee ballots, how to vote by mail, and will votes be counted twice?


What's the difference between mail-in and absentee voting?

n North Carolina, the words “mail-in” or “absentee” are used somewhat interchangeably. The way Guilford County Board of Elections Director explains it, you're absent from the polls so you're getting a ballot by mail. 

How do you vote by mail?

The easiest way to vote by mail is to go to the NC State Board of Elections site. Click on the Absentee Ballot Request form, fill it out and sign it. Wait for your ballot to be mailed to you. When you get the ballot, complete it and either mail it back or bring it back.

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What happens if you get an absentee ballot and you still go to the polls?

There are two answers for this one:
1- If you get an absentee ballot but decide you want to go to the polls just tear up your absentee ballot and go vote
2-If you're thinking you can complete an absentee ballot, send it in and still vote at the polls, therefore casting two votes, Guilford Board of Elections Director Charlie Collilcut says,

“When we process that incoming absentee ballot we'll know, the system will see that this person already has a voting history. So, you might send in a second ballot, but you won't get a second vote counted”.

And not that you need reminding, but just in case, attempting to vote twice is a felony.