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The Toyota Effect: How landing a Toyota plant changed an Alabama city and could impact the Triad

Toyota opened in Huntsville, AL in 2001. Since then, city leaders said Toyota has brought jobs and help for community non-profits.

Ben Briscoe

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Published: 7:12 PM EST February 7, 2022
Updated: 10:30 AM EST February 9, 2022

We might not have a crystal ball to know how Toyota will impact the Triad, but the folks down in Alabama have some ideas. They got a Toyota plant in 2001. So 2 Wants to Know drove down there to see what happened to their area.

One thing the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber CEO & President Chip Cherry said is having a Toyota plant puts you on the map for other businesses to consider your area.

"Toyota provides that marquee where, obviously, Toyota vets the community and engages in this exercise of going through a competitive selection process and then selections your community," Cherry said.

That's already happening in the Triad. We're a great place to live, and now even more people across the country are realizing that too. The news has made national headlines from Bloomberg to the New York Times and the Hill. Plus, a trade magazine for people who help companies decide where to open new offices just gave the Triad a huge award: The Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Foundation won a 2021 Deal of the Year Impact Award from Business Facilities.

"There is a lot of competition," said Seth Mendelson, Editorial Director for Business Facilities. "Everybody is vying to be the place for these companies to set up shop. There are only so many companies doing this. The major automobile manufacturers in this case. It's quite an honor."

In short, the trip to Alabama showed 2 Wants To Know the future of Greensboro is looking bright!

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