MONROE, N.C. -- A Monroe family says they’re afraid of a large tree behind their property, which is splitting.

They’re convinced the tree will come down at some point and they are asking the developer who owns the land behind them to step in and take care of the tree he owns.

The family was so worried, they decided to “Get McGinty” to help remedy this issue.

Noelle Brockway said, “every day that crack gets larger.”

Noelle says that huge tree used to provide plenty of beauty and shade, then one calm quiet non-stormy night, it split with thunderous force at 4 a.m.

Noelle’s husband went to investigate the crash and said, “it wasn’t until he went behind the fence he saw the tree had just busted apart.”

Since then, the Brockway’s have noticed what looks like a split in the tree’s center. They’re not arborists but added this doesn’t look good or bodes well for what might happen.

The tree sits back here behind their fence, on land owned by a development company. Noelle says she has made six calls to them asking for help. They responded by sending someone out to have a look, but then nothing.

Noelle called me and I got to work hoping to mediate a solution. In a moment, I’ll wrap it up with what the developer told me, but first, information for any homeowner threatened by a neighbor’s tree. Take photos, send emails, and report the issue to that neighbor in writing.

Once notified, that neighbor is responsible…and it’s that neighbor’s responsibility to fix the issue. If they don’t and something bad happens, their insurance may deny a claim.

I got upper management from the development company on the phone. They told me their expert said the tree is fine and safe and that if anything happens, it’ll likely be on their side, not Noelle’s.

We’re hoping they reconsider and trim or take the tree down and stay a good neighbor.

Late Monday, a person who works closely with the developer mediated a solution and tells NBC Charlotte the tree will be coming down sometime in the next 30 days.

Problem solved.