GREENSBORO, NC: Joey Hoover and his wife purchased their new house with the idea of spending a lot of time in the backyard. The yard backs up to a green belt with plenty of land and trees, “We see deer out here all the time,” said Hoover.

The only problem was the backyard was a bit small. So, the Hoover’s decided to add about 10 feet of yard and put up a retaining wall and metal fence.

After getting a recommendation from a friend and doing some checking online the Hoover’s decided to hire Crossroads Turf Services to do the job, “We felt very comfortable with them,” said Hoover.

As is customary in big jobs like this the Hoover’s paid about half of the $14,000 up front and agreed to pay the remaining balance after the project was complete.

Part of the job involved bringing in fill dirt to add extra length to the backyard and then build a cinder block retaining wall to support it. There were a couple minor hitches, but the wall ended up getting finished pretty much on schedule.

Everything seemed to be working out as planned until one morning about two weeks after the wall went up, “One morning I was up early getting some coffee when I noticed some blocks missing,” said Hoover.

He went to wake his wife up and then walked out to the backyard and discovered half of the four-foot-tall retaining wall had fallen down the hill, “I was mad,” said Hoover.

Dozens of cinder blocks were in pieces stacked on top of each other and at the bottom of the hill, “I was wondering where the re-bar was, how it was tied in to the ground,” said Hoover.

After contacting the contractor, it appeared Crossroads was going to get help from another person to repair and finish the job. Unfortunately, after a few weeks there has been no repairs made and Crossroads is apparently not returning any calls, “We filed a complaint with the BBB,” said Hoover.

WFMY News 2 reached out to the BBB and confirmed a complaint was filed and an investigation is underway. We also tried reaching Crossroads Turf Services on several occasions and left several messages but have not received a call back.

The Hoover’s say the damage and repairs to the land along with the cleanup will cost around $24,000 to repair and want Crossroads to pay for extra cost. In an email News 2 obtained Crossroads Turf Services agreed to refund the balance already paid, “We want the job finished and it’s now going to cost a lot more,” said Hoover.

At this time, it appears the Hoover’s will end up taking their complaint to District Court in hopes of recouping their money and getting the additional repairs payed for, “It’s too much to go to small claims court,” said Hoover.

In North Carolina cases totaling more than $10,000 are sent to District Court.