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Triad Woman Gets New Refrigerator Thanks to WFMY News 2's Call For Action Team

The refrigerator was 'perfect' until it stopped working after just four years and the company weren't willing to replace it.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — It did everything and had more bells and whistles than Kathleen King could have imagined. It was big enough for a family of six. 

King said she didn’t exactly need it, but boy did she love it. “It all but talks to you, very fancy,” she said.

With two doors and more than a dozen storage areas, her high-tech refrigerator was exactly what she wanted, “I did a lot of research to find the right one,” said King.

The refrigerator was in King’s words, “perfect” that is until it stopped working four years after she bought it, “The tech came out and did a diagnosis on it,” said King. Told it could be fixed King allowed the tech to order parts for the repair, “The parts came, and they sent a different tech out,” said King.

At that point a new diagnostic test was performed, and more parts ordered, “Then another guy came out and says I’m not sure why all the parts are ordered but I’ll install them,” said King.

The refrigerator was working again and that’s all King really wanted. Unfortunately, it only worked for 12 hours before stopping again, “The first tech took the compressor off and he did not reconnect it right so oil ran through the lines,” said King.

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With no working refrigerator, King borrowed one from a friend while she reached out to the manufacturer, “I was so frustrated I would go ride around on my lawn mower,” said King.

She spent a few weeks trying to get the company to replace the refrigerator but with no luck, “Someone said I should call 2 Wants to Know, and I said that’s a good idea,” said King.

We reached out to the refrigerator company and while it took a few weeks it eventually agreed to send King a check for almost $1,800, “If not for News 2 I would have said the heck with it and been out $3,000,” said King.

The check was more than fair according to King since the refrigerator was more than four years old. King now has a new refrigerator and a newfound appreciation for our Call For Action Volunteers, “I didn’t think I’d get any money back,” said King.

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