A 2 Wants To Know viewer brought us a suspicious email she received. Shelia got an email from "John and Lisa Robinson" who said they just won the lottery and were going to give her $2 million as part of their own charity.
2 Wants to Know looked at the email and found several red flags.

First, the schemer addressed Shelia as Sir or Madam. If someone is going to just give you money, they should know your name and you should really trust them.

The schemer did do some things to make it seem real. John and Lisa Robinson did win the Powerball on January 15th, 2016. However, the amount in the email and the actual amount they won is different.
So 2 wants to know did a little more digging and found the exact message Shelia got is on a website called scamhunter.com. It started making its rounds last year.

Shelia’s advice to you, “Don’t click on just anything. There are so many scammers out there. I hate to see anyone scammed. Take the steps. Take the time to check it out.”

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One way to check it out is to search the person’s name or business and write scam next to it. See what pops up.