Did you forget? It's the number one excuse given when passengers are questioned by TSA.  "The majority of passengers state that they forgot that it was on their carry-on bag," confirms Beth Walker. 

So, when you DO forget you're not supposed to carry-on whatever it is, whether it's in a bag going on or below the main cabin, what happens to the stuff?

It goes up for sale. Really. There are surplus stores all around the country that sell what the TSA seizures net. From the pocket knives to tools, neck pillows, children's toys,  you name it. 

In NC you can find all the TSA items plus more on the state surplus site. You can look through hundreds of items for sale and make your bid.

You can also check it out in person at the store in Raleigh (which houses all the TSA items) or five other locations that have all kinds of state surplus from vehicles to paddle boards and beyond.