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Turn Your Loser Lottery Tickets Into Winners

Fish the loser lottery tickets out of the trash and give them a second chance at winning!

GREENSBORO, NC -- Is this where your mega millions tickets are?!?!? In the trash? Well scoop them out, these losers--could actually be winners.

The North Carolina Education Lottery has a program called Lucke-Rewards. It's a way to give your losing tickets another chance for winning a prize. This include:

Mega Millions


All or Nothing

Lucky for Life

Pick 3&4

A bunch of the scratch off tickets

You'll know if your ticket is eligible when you see the Lucke-Rewards entry code. To enter in your Reward code you need to go on-line and create an account.

What could you win? Right now the Lucke-Rewards prizes are anything from a $15,000 pay out to a $100. The 2nd Chance games prizes are a luxury suite at the Panthers game or to a $25,000 dream home makeover and yes, money.

Change the loser sign to a winner or at least another chance to win without spending another dime!