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Turn those unwanted gift cards into cash

Several websites let you cash in on those gift cards you would never use so they don't go to waste.

Gift cards are great to receive until they’re to a store where you’ll never shop.

If that's the case, turn them into cash.

Card Pool and Card Cash are two websites that buy back gift cards.
Both buy up to 92% of the original value.
Card Pool will offer to send you a check, or you can earn 6% more if you take the payment in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Card Cash accepts a wider range of stores and sends you the money through a check, direct deposit or cash via PayPal. Or, trade your gift card with another one for sale on the site.
You can also try to sell your cards on eBay, but you're not guaranteed to get a good return since buyers are looking for the best deals on the site.