GREENSBORO, NC -- NASA calls the upcoming total eclipse “one of nature's grandest spectacles”. But if you think you can just wear your tinted spectacles to view're wrong.

NASA’s Eclipse 101 page says even your darkest sunglasses won't protect you. You need special purpose solar filters or eclipse glasses. They're cheap and easy to find. We found them on the Lowe's website but Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us and Home Depot all sell them on line and in store.

NASA suggests you put them on first and then look at the sun. And when you're done watching, you're supposed to turn away from the sun and take them off.

Here's NASA's other suggestion if you don't have glasses... your fingers. Really. Turn your back to the sun, make a grid with your fingers and look at your hands shadow. The grid will show the sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse.