CONSUMER REPORTS – Vacation or staycation. Either way, the bad guys have schemes.

Let’s start with some of those vacation scams. There are fake websites that even have photos of hotels and rooms. They work this way-- they either overcharge you for a hotel stay or simply take your information without ever making a reservation.

How do you know? Check the "about page" on the site you're looking at. It could tip you off to the fact that the site is run by a third party. Also look for a third party logo on the website.

Once you're on vacation, there are a few other scams to watch out for.

HOTEL SCAM #1: The Phone Call

Someone calls your room claiming they’re from the front desk and saying there’s a problem with your credit card--and they need you to read your number to them to verify.

HOTEL SCAM #2: Food Delivery

You’ve seen the pizza and food delivery flyers that get slid under your door. Be careful, they often they take your order, your card number and never deliver. Ask your front desk person about the delivery place first.

HOME SCAM #1: Let Me Pave Your Driveway

Someone comes to your door offering to pave your driveway for a really low price because they “just so happened” to be in the neighborhood.

HOME SCAM #2: Alarm System

A Salesman says there’s been a rash of burglaries in your area and they can install a security system for free. Or claims to be from your current alarm company and says they're performing upgrades. NOPE.

That contractor probably won't finish that job or even worse their partner might sneak around back and break into your home.

That so-called security expert will probably do the same or trick you into signing another monitoring agreement.