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Vaccination status: Should you put it on your resume?

A recent survey by ResumeBuilder shows 69% of hiring managers surveyed would give priority to resumes with vaccination status.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — What is your vaccine status? These days, it's a common question whether you’re going to a show, traveling, going into certain businesses. Many employers are asking their employees to declare their status or requiring them to get the vaccine.

Should you be putting your vaccination status on your resume?

Resumebuilder.com surveyed 1,250 hiring managers nationwide in August and found 33% said they would eliminate resumes that don't include COVID vaccination status. 69% said they'd give priority to a resume showing the applicant is vaccinated.

While the survey shows these hiring managers are for putting vaccination status on a resume, it’s not a widespread practice as of yet.

“You're missing out on a lot of people and you're jumping to conclusions there. You're assuming too much from what you see there from omission,” said Casey Wright, owner, Chief of Staff.

What about places that require vaccination? According to those surveyed, 63% said their company does require vaccinations and nearly 80% of those hiring managers say they'd like to see the status on a resume.

To give more context to what kinds of businesses responded to the survey:

Among our survey respondents, 42% say employees primarily work in-person, 41% say employees work in-person and remotely, and 16% are remote work only.

Hiring managers at companies where employees work a hybrid schedule are most likely to want to hire vaccinated applicants (72%). At companies where employees work in-person, 69% of hiring managers are more likely to hire a vaccinated candidate. And even though employees do not work in congregate settings, which lowers the risk of COVID transmission, 61% of hiring managers at companies where employees primarily work remotely still prefer to hire someone who is vaccinated against the virus.


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