GREENSBORO, N.C. — The countdown clock is ticking, Valentine's day is Friday. What’s in your wallet to spend?!?!

2WTK looked at the total of what the average person would spend on Valentine’s Day. The average person will shell out just under $200 on flowers, candy, gifts, and dinner.

This was interesting, 53% of women say they'd break up with their significant other if they didn't get anything for Valentine’s Day so, obviously, you need a gift. We looked at a few of them...


Can you tell which pair of earrings is really diamonds and which ones are costume jewelry? 2WTK asked your neighbors a few years ago.  
Out of the 8 people who played along, only 3 saw through the shine to spot the real thing. Most couldn't tell the difference between the $20 version and the $500 version. But the ladies did say-- it's okay for a woman to buy herself the fake earrings-- but it's not "OK" if it's a present and it’s given with the intent that you’re giving the real ones.


Red roses may be traditional-- but they're also just that...traditional. Everyone gets them and they're the most expensive. Local florists say you'll get more for your money if you ask for the “Florist’s Choice.”

If you're buying for someone out of town, instead of going with an 800-service, find a florist in that town and call them directly. You'll get more flowers for your money.